Pokémon Unite Review for Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Unite Review Developer: TiMi Studio Group,The Pokémon Company | Publisher: Nintendo, The Pokémon Company | Genre: MOBA, Real-Time Strategy | Platform: Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android | Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch Multiplayer online battle arena games have always been overwhelming but enticing. They offer […]


Samurai Warriors 5 PS4 Review

Samurai Warriors has seen plenty of action since its first release in 2004. The hack-and-slash combat game has been a staple of every PlayStation console since the PS2, even including the handhelds (and, we’re sure […]

PS5 News

Best PS5 FPS Games

What are the Best PS5 FPS Games? As one of the most popular genres going, first-person shooter fans are already well served on Sony’s latest console. From competitive skirmishes through to casual shootouts, there’s certainly […]