The 10 Rarest Wii Games And How Much They’re Worth

The Nintendo Wii was a very special console. Making motion controls the selling point of the console after the immensely popular Playstation 2 and Xbox made it clear they weren’t required may have seemed like a risky move, but it paid off immensely.

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The Wii had many hundreds upon hundreds of games released for it, so it only stands to reason that some of these have become rarer than others. Whether due to low print runs, general obscurity, or low overall quality, some titles have turned into challenges for die-hard game collectors and archivists.

10 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn ($100 used / $148+ new)

Split image of fire emblem radiant dawn box art and a fight between Sothe and an enemy

One of the most famous ‘rare games’ there is, Radiant Dawn remains a difficult title to get ahold of to this day. While the Fire Emblem franchise is quite bustling and popular now, back in the day it was released to something of a niche market.

As a result, this game and its predecessor (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) had a limited print run. With the series growing so popular, fans who wish to go back to the older releases may find disappointment when they see such high prices attached to these classics.

9 Dokapon Kingdom ($200+)

Dokapon Kingdom Promotional Art

While on the surface this game is just a simple board game and RPG hybrid, Dokapon Kingdom has reached infamous heights as a rare, expensive game. It was published by Atlus on the Nintendo Wii, and this may be a part of the problem — Atlus is quite known for its low print numbers.

It’s notable that, even though a different company published Dokapon Kingdom on the Playstation 2, those prices are quite a bit higher than one would expect too, possibly due to the extreme demand placed on the Wii version.

8 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus ($68+ used / $98+ new)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Plus character selection screen

While this entry in the Guilty Gear franchise has multiple versions and multiple consoles to play it on, the Nintendo Wii version is predictably the hardest to find — and it has the highest price, too.

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This game is an updated release of the Guilty Gear X2 game, and while the other versions were received well, the Wii version’s controls sunk the review scores. This possibly contributed to the scarcity that the game experiences today.

7 Cyberbike Cycling Sports ($78+ used / $300 new)

Cycling down a path in Cyberbike Cycling Sports

This title is definitely an odd one — while the prices listed above are certainly true for the NTSC version of the game, it is easy to acquire a PAL version of the game’s disc for less than $10.

It seems that dreadfully low sales are yet again the driving force behind the inflated price tag as it seems almost laughable for a game such as this — even with the Cyberbike accessory. Nintendo has come a long way with its exercise-centric peripherals.

6 Metroid Prime Trilogy: Collector’s Edition ($120 used / $230+ new)

Picture of Metroid Prime protagonist Samus Aran

While making for a popular series and releasing to critical acclaim, the Metroid Prime Trilogy is peculiar in that it had a very low print run. Why it was decided not to continue production may remain a mystery, but it will play on the mind of collectors.

Further increasing the luster of the game was the collector’s edition, which featured an art book and steelbook case. These days, it’s quite easy to locate for sale on the internet, but good luck paying any sort of reasonable price for it.

5 American Mensa Academy ($149+ used / $175+ new)

Split image of American Mensa Academy box art and a minigame

The ‘brain trainer’ genre did really well on Nintendo’s handheld consoles, with Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training being quite the iconic title on the DS. This led to many copycats trying to capitalize on the trend.

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These attempts followed the market to the Nintendo Wii where the genre was… less than successful. American Mensa Academy was not that successful and is something of a peculiarity upon collectors’ shelves these days. Just like Cyberbike Cycling Sports, this massive price hike seems limited to the NTSC version, with PAL versions of the game remaining dirt-cheap.

4 Rhythm Heaven Fever ($80+ new)

A minigame from Rhythm Heaven involving golf and a mandrill

While the Wii U version of Rhythm Heaven Fever can be downloaded digitally for the low price of $19.99, the Wii version released in 2012 is another story. The mini-game-packed title seems to have been driven into obscurity and with that, its price is driven up by scarcity.

It does, however, seem that Japanese versions of the game are a bit cheaper to acquire. So, that’s always an option for the Wii-owners who so desperately want to experience this rhythm game — if they exist.

3 JU-ON: The Grudge ($135+ used)

Split image of Ju-on the grudge box art and a scary child in the game

Billed as a ‘Haunted House Simulator’ this game is a survival horror game released to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Japanese horror franchise. Westerners may be more familiar with The Grudge, which was a remake of the Japanese original.

The game didn’t exactly do well and is now a big deal in the Wii-game collector community, with prices rarely dipping below $100 — and that’s only for the disc alone.

2 Shakedown: Hawaii (unknown)

Shakedown Hawaii gameplay overlooking a city

Developers Vblank Entertainment made a somewhat odd choice ever so recently in 2020 to release their game Shakedown: Hawaii for the Wii — this is despite the Wii being discontinued since 2013. They also released the game on numerous other discontinued consoles.

Only 3,000 copies of this version exist and they are all for the PAL region, thanks to Nintendo of America being unable to authorize an American release. Thanks to this, the game is incredibly rare and even the Wii U version will set collectors back a cool $120.

1 Sukeban Shachou Rena (¥14,790 / $134.90 used)

Gameplay of sukeban shachou rena involving cats

This game may just be the rarest game for the Wii ever. It underperformed staggeringly, failing to get even 100 sales within the first week after release. It also seems to be impossible to find online, with the only easily available price quote being for a used copy.

The game was apparently an action game in which the player has to work through minigames to appease a cat named Rena, who is inexplicably the CEO of a company. Well, there have been odder concepts at least.

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