The Ascent Preload is now Live on Xbox and Microsoft Store

There are many great indie titles coming out this year, and one of the most eye-catching has been The Ascent. An isometric RPG with a cyberpunk setting and unique look aims to be a full experience as either a solo or co-op title. It’s been an anticipated title for some time, and is one of many that are also hitting Game Pass on day 1. Now you can preload it and be ready for the big day.

The preload for both Xbox consoles and PC is now live for the game. Interestingly, there is quite a discrepancy between the console and PC versions. On Xbox, the size of the game is 17.05 GB, whereas on PC it’s reported to be 28.76 GB. It’s not clear why there’s a gap there.

The preload does not seem to be live for the Steam version just yet, with the PC version preload currently available only on the Windows Store, so it’s not known if there will be a difference between those platforms as well. As always with preloads, keep in mind that day 1 updates and things of that nature can always increase the size closer to launch.

The Ascent will launch on July 29th for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. For all you need to know about the game, take a look through here for 13 facts about it.

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