The incredible Nintendo Switch Pro could launch VERY soon

The Nintendo Switch might be one of the hottest video game consoles around right now, but it’s starting to look a little long in the tooth. The original has remained unchanged design-wise for over four years. But new leaks suggest the much-rumoured Switch Pro is finally on the horizon – and it could be with us very soon.

According to leaks, the new console will mark a significant improvement on the original Switch. Not only will it feature a larger, brighter screen, but it’s also set for massively enhanced internals – and best of all, Nintendo might finally announce it in the next few weeks. (Check out our best Nintendo Switch deals if you want to start gaming right here and now.)

The Nintendo Switch is starting to look a little dated (Image credit: Nintendo)

According to Bloomberg, Nintendo has plans to begin assembly of the enhanced console as soon as July, with a release window of “September or October” this year. The company is rumoured to be planning to announce the new machine ahead of this year’s E3 conference, which starts on 12 June.

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