These PS5 TV deals are perfect new-gen companions – save big now

A PS5 TV deal could be one of the purchases of 2021. And to get one of the best TVs for PS5 (or Xbox Series X), you don’t have to spend either the top or original listing price of a screen, or, actually, through the nose at all anymore. And these here PS5 TV deals represent that exact scenario: a TV that’s perfect for new-gen gaming – as well as offering a general, awesome upgrade – for way less than list prices, and some with nearly half off! I’m looking at you, Samsung 8K TV…

This is generally a great time of year to be eyeing up one of the best gaming TVs anyway: newer ranges are starting to come on to the market, offering technical and excellent upgrades in and of themselves, which simultaneously means there’s an increased likelihood that you’ll find a bargain on the slightly older models. And these slightly older ones are still absolute bangers! The differences are still noticeable each year, on the whole, but equally, they are getting smaller in some ways too, so you can be happy getting a great PS5 TV deal on an older model, and it’ll still keep up with the new boys and younger models, and last you a long old time.

This means, we can all browse the best 120Hz 4K TVs – as an example of the newest TV tech – with greater ease than ever before, while also sticking to the usual folks and models who make up the contenders for best OLED TV and best QLED TV, too. You’ll find a smattering of all of those below, all perfect PS5 TV options and ones you will not regret buying.

If you fancy a browse or know what you want already, here are the best quick links to get you going at the big, main retailers:

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Samsung Q70T | 55-inch | $997.99 at Amazon
Probably the best value QLED TV for new-gen consoles you can get right now, the Q70T is indeed a past model of Samsungs top QLED range, but the bang-to-buck value is enormous here due to the quality of TV you’re getting for your money. No one can do colors, contrast, and vibrancy quite so well in PS5 TVs as Samsung.

Sony X900H | 75-inch | $2,000 $1,598 at Amazon
An exquisite choice to team with your new or upcoming PS5 from Sony’s own range of quality 4K TV. These are premium picture givers and are getting HDMI 2.1 support via a firmware update now too so it’s a great pick for those loyal to Sony or just fans of their TVs.

LG Nano90 Nanocell 4K TV | 65-inch | $2,000 $1,196.99 at Walmart
Even though everyone strives for the CX OLED range or the new G1 range, write off LG’s Nano90 4K TVs at your ‘peril’… What I mean is that these are still Very Excellent TVs, and still offer great value, HDMI 2.1-ready, perfect-for-PS5 screens.

LG CX 4K TV | 55-inch | $1,349.99 at Amazon
But here it is, the one most people are still after. It’s not quite the lowest price it’s been but this is still a great price for a great PS5 TV. Offering some of the best picture going for new-gen consoles, this will still stay one of the favorites this year, despite its successor appearing recently (this is much cheaper too).

Samsung Q900TS 8K TV | 65-inch | $5,500 $2,797.99 at Amazon
And for those of you who want to go large, the Samsung Q900TS is the one for you. If you’ve got the budget to play with then you can’t really go too wrong with this bad boy: futureproof 8K resolution, HDMI 2.1, and it’s got an enormous price cut to make it actually pretty good value.

And if you fancy your gaming screens more desktop-sized then be sure to check out the contenders for best PS5 monitor, best gaming monitor, and best 4K monitor for gaming.

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