This Fallout mod aims to be the galaxy’s greatest Star Wars game

An ambitious modding team is trying to turn Fallout 76 into a grand multi-planet space opera with total conversion mod Star Wars Open Worlds.

While currently unfinished and still in development, Star Wars Open Worlds surfaced with a new trailer earlier today, showcasing a shockingly vast range of locations, characters and scenarios. Ships flying above a Coruscant sky. Open war on Tatooine’s deserts. Imperial walkers stomping through alien jungles.

It’s all very impressive, if somewhat over-reliant on post-processing shaders. In typical Fallout fashion it’s not all bombastic action either—we see meetings in grimy underworlds and spit-shined Imperial starships.

(Image credit: Bethesda, krispykarim517)According to the mod’s Itch page, Star Wars Open Worlds hopes to feature 12 planets to explore, multiple factions to join, NPC companions and will let you customise characters across various alien species, in a story that set during “the very early years of the galactic empire.”

Developers Karim Najib and Tank_Girl444 are setting some stratospheric expectations, and have no solid release window estimate to date. The Bethesda modding scene is also nothing if not familiar with overly ambitious mod projects—this could be something we’re following for a decade, if Disney doesn’t strike it down before then.

But exploring Star Wars from a Fallout perspective is one hell of a pitch. And if you’re interested in catching up on development so far, the modders occasionally post update videos over on YouTube.

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