Titanfall 2 on PS4 experiencing Major Server issues across Regions

After an unidentified hacker prevented many players from accessing Apex Legends matches on July 4, 2021, users have been reporting an increase in server interruptions on both Titanfall and Titanfall 2. While both games have been experiencing issues on PC for some time, PS4 and Xbox One users are now experiencing the same problems. In light of the situation, Community Coordinator Jason Garza stated in a stream late last month that Respawn Entertainment currently has “1-2 people” working on Titanfall.

Just last week, a hacking incident involving the popular battle royale game Apex Legends took control of the game’s matchmaking system and displayed messages aiming to raise awareness of Titanfall‘s ongoing hacking issues. Many Titanfall fans were quick to condemn the hacks as they forced the devs to work on a holiday weekend (and the devs made clear months ago that they are already well aware of the Titanfall issues), and ironically, the uptick in awareness has reportedly resulted in intensified server interruptions not only in Titanfall but its sequel, Titanfall 2, as well.

A few days ago, users on the r/Titanfall subreddit began reporting server connection and lag issues on consoles. So much so that the subreddit now has a pinned post outlining the issues for both Titanfall and Titanfall 2. Specifically, users have reported sky-high 2500+ ping as well as being booted from lobbies, among other issues.

While Respawn has acknowledged the ongoing server issues and that it has not abandoned the series’ fanbase, Garza stated in a live stream hosted on June 29, 2021 that the studio only has 1-2 employees working on Titanfall, with the rest of the studio working on Apex Legends. Given that the Titanfall games are both 5+ years old and not receiving new content (and Apex Legends is the studio’s current bread and butter), it makes sense that Respawn would not dedicate a lot of developer energy to the title. On the topic of information, Garza adds that the main reasons why the studio has been silent on the issue is because the team “cannot say or telegraph their moves” to the people who are DDoSing the game’s servers.

Now its a different type of game with these people that DDoS … we can’t telegraph our moves, we can’t say what we’re doing, and the only thing we can say is that we’re working on it. That’s the reason why I stopped talking about things like that … The Titanfall community is not forgotten or abandoned.

It seems that however small the remaining Titanfall community is, Respawn still wants to support the game. They are well aware of the ongoing issues and are working to tackle them, even as they continue to support ongoing development and operations of Apex Legends and the upcoming games the studio is working on.

[Source: Gamingbolt]

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