Video Game Giant Sega Corporation Joins The NFT Industry Following Ubisoft

On April 27, the Japanese NFT-issuer double partnered with the gaming giant Sega Corporation to use blockchain technology to develop digital NFT content. The company has received an investment from Sega Samei Holdings and will begin selling NFT content related to classic Sega games in the summer of 2021.

The NFT startup double recently announced that it is phasing out the Ethereum blockchain. The company will begin building projects based on the Flow blockchain created by Dapper Labs, the founder of both CryptoKitties and the NBA Top Shot card game. The move was driven by Ethereum scaling problems. The company now intends to bring some of its existing games to Flow to enable them to grow further.

Sega will join a wide range of gaming companies and digital artists who have created their own NFTs. For example, video game publisher Ubisoft created a fantasy football called One Shot League in partnership with the soccer collectible card game Sorare. However, the hype around NFT is losing its momentum. NBA Top Shot volumes have dropped by 50% over the past month.

Image: Game Tyrant

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