Warframe’s the New War expansion to be shown off at TennoCon this week

The enduringly popular online multiplayer game Warframe is set to grow once again with a new expansion, The New War, and the game’s developers will show it off at the TennoCon event very soon. Digital Extremes will broadcast the gameplay reveal for The New War on July 17 as part of this year’s all-virtual TennoCon event.

The event begins Saturday, July 17 at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. Everyone who watches the event on Amazon’s Twitch service will get a free Prime Warframe for the game. Coinciding with TennoCon, Digital Extremes will also conduct an in-game Relay event where players can meet up to get a “sneak peek” of “exclusive new content.” Some developers from Digital Extremes will be in the game to mingle with as well, the studio said.

The New War was first announced back in 2018 during that year’s TennoCon event.

“It’s been a while since we first discussed this expansion with players. We truly hope Tenno will enjoy a day dedicated to them and the memorable experiences we’ve shared together in Warframe,” Digital Extremes executive Sheldon Carter said. “There’s plenty of new and exciting reveals to be made, but players will have to tune-in to TennoLive to find out more.”

Digital Extremes live operations and community director Rebecca Forward thanked fans for their patience, as the wait for The New War has been lengthy. “We are so excited to finally provide some answers and give everyone a small piece of what’s to come with The New War. We’re thankful for the patience of our players and we look forward to seeing their reactions to some of our big reveals in the chat,” Ford said.

Finally, Digital Extremes provided a rundown of the special content you can unlock for Warframe by watching the showcase:

  • Vastilok Gunblade Weapon
  • Awarded for watching thirty consecutive minutes between 12:30 PM ET – 5:00 PM ET

In-Game Relay Event Reward During TennoLive Segment

  • Tannukai Longsword Skin and Armor Set
  • Awarded at the end of the TennoLive in-game Relay event, must be present to qualify

Twitch and Steam Drop During TennoLive Segment

  • Loki Prime Warframe with Slot
  • Awarded for watching thirty consecutive minutes between 5:00 PM ET – 7:00 PM ET

Warframe is a free-to-play game available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, as well as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Digital Extremes is owned by Tencent, after that company acquired Leyou, a former chicken meat supplier based in Hong Kong.

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