Watch Dogs: Legion Update 4.5 Patch Notes

The latest Watch Dogs: Legion patch offers a 60 fps mode on current-gen consoles.

Ubisoft officially rolled out Watch Dog: Legion Title Update 4.5 today, introducing a second Tactical Op, a new free reward track for Online play, and a 60 fps performance mode on current-gen consoles, among other improvements.

Today also marks the arrival of Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead alpha on PC, bringing zombies to dystopian London. Despite the sheer scope of that alpha, today’s Title Update 4.5 is just as massive – clocking in between 16 and 39GB depending on your platform. The 60 fps boost on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 might be the most exciting, although there’s plenty of free content that might also be of interest.

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Before discussing all the free content and performance updates, Watch Dogs: Legion’s latest patch notes first talk about the new Tactical Op, dubbed Project Omni.

“Take on this intense, challenging content with 3 other players,” Ubisoft said. “DedSec infiltrates a secret project that is affecting people’s Optik devices throughout the city… only to find out that a mad doctor has been experimenting on people and has merged their brains with a neural network that he controls. He must be stopped.”

The full patch notes are incredibly long, but here are a few of the highlights:

  • 60 fps performance mode for next-gen consoles.
  • Cross-family play is now enabled. Players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, as well as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, can now play together within their console family.
  • Added loading screen hints for the HUD customization options.
  • We’ve made several adjustments and optimizations to the start of the Single Player campaign. This will speed up some of the early areas and make it easier for new players to find their footing in our near-future London.
  • Free Operative (Helen) will be available on June 15.
  • Season 2 reward track features 80 ranks and has “significantly more Influence” than Season 1.
  • Slightly reduced the difficulty of co-op missions

Beyond those changes, Ubisoft has also issued dozens of bug fixes across all platforms.

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