Why Every JRPG Fan Wants ‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ Ported to the Nintendo Switch

If there was ever a Wii U exclusive that deserves a port more than ever, it’s Xenoblade Chronicles X. Everything from Super Mario 3D World to Pikmin 3 has made its way to the Nintendo Switch, and it’s a shame that many have not experienced this hidden gem.

For those not familiar with the game, it is a spin-off of the Xenoblade games, and was released in between the first and second games. It doesn’t feature the same world nor does it involve a plot centering around some sort of magical sword; Xenoblade Chronicles X is instead inspired by the likes of Gundam and Armoured Core.

Since both Xenoblade Chronicles games are already on the Nintendo Switch, here’s why Xenoblade Chronicles X should be ported to the system, too.

Open World Madness

While each Xenoblade game does have their own sprawling world, Xenoblade Chronicles X’s open world is unique, especially since there were no loading screens in the open world. The alien world of Mira is also filled with all kinds of crazy creatures and biomes, so discovering them really feels like exploring uncharted territory.

Giant Robots Go

What helps the open-world aspect of the game even more is the giant robots that players get to control, the fearsome Skells. Once you’ve upgraded your Skell to be able to transform into a car or be able to fly, the sky truly is your limit. Beyond that, the classic, auto-attack battle system of the Xenoblade series translates very well when you’re controlling your giant Skell against equally large kaiju-like monsters.

Personal Tale


In all honesty, Shulk and Rex make for some pretty relatable protagonists and do great jobs in their respective Xenoblade Chronicles games. Xenoblade Chronicles X on the other hand, lets players create their own avatar in the game, and this level of customisation extends to your preferred weapons, skills, appearance, and even your own personal Skell.

Multiplayer Brawls


If fighting off alien monsters wasn’t enough of a challenge, players are able to fight each other in an online multiplayer mode, a great break from the game’s sprawling single-player campaign. With battles for up to 32 players, the squad-based online modes really let you sharpen and hone your abilities while letting you play with your friends in their own unique Skells.

Xenoblade Spotlight


The best reason why Xenoblade Chronicles X should be remastered for the Nintendo Switch is that the series is at the height of its popularity right now. With Shulk, Mythra, and Pyra all being playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo has placed the series on par with their other major franchises like Fire Emblem and Splatoon. So it only stands to reason that Xenoblade Chronicles X, the only game not on the Switch, should complete the trilogy.

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